Ruganzu Bruno

“Ruganzu Bruno Tusingwire is a 29-year old eco-artist from Uganda as well as the founding curator of TEDxKampala. In addition to being the winner of the first City 2.0 Award, Tusingwire is a 2011 Young Achievers award winner and a lecturer in the Department of Art & Design at Kyambogo University. His big idea is to use waste materials to create a movable amusement park for children living in slums of Kampala.” 

“Art is unifying,” Tusingwire explains. “We can use what is around us to create treasure, employment opportunities, and make the environment better. There is a wonderful world of possibilities before us.”

Artist Pauline Kael once said, “Trash has given us an appetite for art.” And art, in the hands of a visionary like Tusingwire, can give kids a new appetite for life.

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