Merry Recycled Christmas!

To keep the spirit, junkitechture shows a couple of recycling examples for these days!

1. Tetra Pack Foundation in cooperation with the artist put together a Recycled Christmas Park in the  United Nations Plaza, in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It will be open everyday till 6th January and its free for visitors.  The park is built with recycled packaging. via

2. Taste Tree in Hasselt.  Built with porcelain plates donated by citizens, of any size, soup, tea cups dishes, all white. It has a height of nine meters and a maximum diameter of six meters. The tree is up with about five thousand pieces of crockery. via ecologismos

3. A small video about how Santa Recycles 🙂 . For 2011 Christmas,  via Vimeo

4. “One, Two, Tree“: A lovely couple that made their one recycled Christmas tree, which you can actually buy!

5. Lets Enjoy but care!: Holiday Waste 

Have great holidays!