“Jugaad, a hindi term, which refers to attaining any objective with the available resources at hand, became the driving force for a suspended shade canopy fabricated from discarded cooking oil cans for a public art festival in India. Over a period of three months, discarded oil cans were used as a vehicle to explore ideas of sustainability, recycling and re-purposing with 90 residents from Rajokri, an urban village in New Delhi. Using grass root ingenuity, Jugaad reincarnated 945 such cans into a free-standing shade canopy spread over 70 square metres.The canopy was first exhibited at 48°C public art festival held in New Delhi from 12th to 21st December 2008 and was supported by khoj, the Goethe Institute and the German Technical Cooperation.”

by the Architect Sanjeev Shankar

photo credits Sundeep Bali and Adam Roney