Building Plot: Designing out Waste

The Building Plot is an ongoing research project being driven by a partnership between Architecture Sans Frontieres UK (ASF-UK) and the Eden Project to raise awareness about the issues of excess waste in the construction industry and develop more sustainable modes of practice by promoting reuse, innovation and training opportunities.Pod Workshop 2009:  a competition  hosted by WRAP for proposals for a new building which exhibited the most innovative projects for demonstrating how designers can ‘design out waste’.

Starting in September 2009 and completed in October a group of 4 volunteers from ASF-UK working over no more than 7 days ‘havested’ the materials previously identified through the harvest map process, desigened and built a small workshop pod which would act as an example of the possibilities and ease with which ‘waste materials’ thrown away as part of the construction and demolition industries can be reused into beautiful and functional buildings.

ASF-UK submitted a proposal not for a building but rather for a new process which tackled far more issues than any one design could possibly achieve. The proposal can be summarised in one simple formula.

Waste + Innovative Design + Training = New Building Components + New Jobs + Dynamic Enterprise

find more pictures and information on their website! excellent initiative!