To make this event even cooler, we wanted to thank you in first place for visiting the site and for your interest in these kind of projects. We believe that there are thousands of ways of doing Architecture or Design or living, but we can actually decide whether the impact of those decisions have a  good or bad impact on the environment, the world and other human beings.

So first of all: We share nice stuff with you!

 1.Some Statistics

  • Since we started we have been able to get to around 1500 people in one month!


  • And also had visitors from all around the world! From almost 2000 views in Germany till just 1 humble Estonia

views2 2. About the posts

  • The posts we make are based on the idea of reusing, rethinking and recycling materials. We publish projects, which are made by artists, students, architects, creative  and motivated people, who commit themselves with mother earth by using concepts of sustainability on their projects, whether its architecture in a temporary way, students who did projects with their own hands or artists who show the beauty of waste with sculptures or furnitures.

3.   – What can you expect for the next year ?

  • We will continue publishing projects with the sensibility of creating architecture and art out of  the so called “trash”, garbage or used materials. The range of areas will increase and the focus will be put on the symbioses of trash and asthetics.
  • We are going to publish projects in english, spanish and german translation.
  • “Ours” Section – which are  projects made by us – will grow (hopefully!!).

4.   – We would also like to know: What do you liked the most? What do you wish to see more? Other Comments?

5.   – We want to thank you all for visiting and supporting the junkitechture !!!

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