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Chris Siminski created a webpage about the theme reclaiming materials in Detroit, USA. Dealing with urban transformation, removal of illegal dumping, recycling , sourcing valuable materials and a lot of other eco friendly activities. Check out his great weblog here.

He also created a map of a part of Detroit where everybody can add places of materials to document forgotten valuable materials which wait to get revitalized for a new purpose. It would be great to expand this idea to a worldwide working map. Feel free to contact him if you are interested. It is for nature and environment. So it is for everybody!


 Chris Siminski creado una página web sobre los materiales tema de regeneración en Detroit, estados unidos. Tratar con la transformación urbana, la eliminación de vertidos ilegales, reciclaje, materiales valiosos de abastecimiento y un montón de otras actividades eco amigable. Echa un vistazo a su gran weblog aquí.

También creó un mapa de una parte de Detroit, donde todo el mundo puede añadir lugares de materiales para documentar materiales valiosos olvidados que esperar para conseguir revitalizado para un nuevo propósito. Sería muy bueno para ampliar esta idea a un mapa en todo el mundo. No dude en ponerse en contacto con él si usted está interesado. Es por la naturaleza y el medio ambiente. Por lo que es para todo el mundo!

He describes:

 Documenting Materials

“A new method for identifying materials within the city was to create a live, and active map that located materials that can be easily reclaimed within the city. This map features locations, given by their address, materials located on that site, and in some cases the quantities, and a photo of the site for reference. This map, while providing many benefits, does two major things for us. 1) It allows for a physical documentation of the city, through a lens of salvage. Or identifying locations within the city that have the ability to be reclaimed. 2) Identifies materials that are easily salvaged for reuse for anybody at anytime. If you want to add to this map, just send me a message with the address, materials on the site (and in what quantities), and a photo of the site, and I would be happy to add it to the map identifying the individual who provided the information.

Check out the growing map

© Chris Siminski

© Chris Siminski