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Decogomme| Refunc


Nombre del Proyecto: Decogomme Autor:  Refunc Año:2006  Ubicación: Haya, Holanda Material Revalorizado: neumáticos  Sitio Web: http://refunc.nl/?p=1464#content-wrapper  Name of the Project: Decogomme Author:  Refunc Year: 2006 Location: Haag, Netherlands Upcycled Material: old tires Website: http://refunc.nl/?p=1464#content-wrapper Parts of… Continuar leyendo

Book Cell | Matej Kren


In 2006 the artist Matej Kren created the Book Cell for an exhibition in the Centro de Arte Moderna in Lisbon, Portugal. She describes the concept in beautiful words: “(…) To create an… Continuar leyendo

Fast Architecture


by ghigos ideas. A Pavilion made out of water tanks for an exhibition in Milan, 2006. “Fast Architecture is a temporary camp constructed on relationships. It’s a game of possible transformations and a… Continuar leyendo