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Plaza De-Construcción | De-Construction Square | Felipe Miño


Nombre de la obra: Plaza De-Construcción Autor: Felipe Miño Año: 2014-2015 Ubicación: Ex Tenencia de Carreteras, Ruta 5 Sur, cruce Pelarco, Chile. Material Revalorizado: Ladrillos. Sitio Web: http://felipeminhio.wixsite.com/plazade-construccion Descripción: A partir de una Tenencia de Carreteras… Continuar leyendo

The Cowshed Collective


by  The Cowshed Collective. Ireland. Built in a summer workshop in 2012, this shelter (made for a cow) captures rainwater and is constructed entirely of recycled materials, most of which -including bricks, galvanized steel, wood, and plywood panels-  were… Continuar leyendo



The prefabricated blocks will be filled and stacked with local existing materials such as stones, wood, bark, branches and leaves. Dimensions and weight of the components to give the stability to the structure. The… Continuar leyendo