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Cau i balcó | Tallerdarquitectura | Banca


Bench by Tallerdarquitectura built in Rupià, Girona, Cataluña, Spain on 2010. “This project began with the recovery of waste material from the construction industry over a year: wood pallets, perforated sheets, metal profiles, leftover strips, etc. All… Continuar leyendo

Building Plot: Designing out Waste


The Building Plot is an ongoing research project being driven by a partnership between Architecture Sans Frontieres UK (ASF-UK) and the Eden Project to raise awareness about the issues of excess waste in… Continuar leyendo

Participative Landscape


Together with the inhabitants of the neighborhood ‘Muide’, Assurance Ambiance, from Belgium, had the initiative to build: 1. A Rocket – “Tetanus I”: almost finished after 6 months of work with schools and residents. The call… Continuar leyendo