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Elsewhere | Strook


Nombre de la obra: Elsewhere Autor: Stefaan De Croock  Año: 2015 Ubicación: Mechelen, Bélgica Material Revalorizado: Madera Sitio Web: http://strook.eu/portfolio/elsewhere/ Descripción: ‘Elsewhere’ es un mural hecho con madera reciclada para Mechelen Muurt. El mural esta localizado en una… Continuar leyendo

Revitalizing Detroit | Revitalizado Detroit | Chris Siminski


Chris Siminski created a webpage about the theme reclaiming materials in Detroit, USA. Dealing with urban transformation, removal of illegal dumping, recycling , sourcing valuable materials and a lot of other eco friendly… Continuar leyendo

Street Sculptures|Esculturas de Calle| Bordalo II


Portuguese artist Bordalo II is constantly doing art with spray cans and founded materials in the streets of Lisbon. He collects heaps of trash like discarded plastic sheeting, old tires, shingles, tangles of… Continuar leyendo