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Housing puzzles


The dutch company ECOnnect designed in 2013 a solution for quickly constructible shelters after disasters like the earthquake in Haiti. The rapidly growing cities are not the ones with a lot of skyscrapers.… Continuar leyendo

Product Innovation Challenge: 10 Productos Sustentables para la Construcción del Futuro


10 finalistas en el Desafío Productos de Innovación, el Instituto Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation. Los finalistas: 1. Ecovative: Aislamiento de Hongos 2. Bellwether Materials: Aislamiento de lana de Oveja 3. ROMA: Pinturas minerales Domus 4.Stormwall Industries: Paneles Stormwall 5. GR GreenBuilding Products: Techo… Continuar leyendo