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Cardboard Office | Oficina de Cartón | Amsterdam


Nombre del Proyecto: Oficina de Cartón Autor: Joost van Bleiswijk, Alrik Koudenburg y Coen Danckmar Voordouw Año: 2009 Ubicación: Amsterdam Material Revalorizado: Cartón Sitio Web: http://www.projectjoost.com/collection/nothing-office                 … Continuar leyendo

YES WE CAMP | Marseille


YES WE CAMP is designed by Michael Lefeber and BC Studies in Marseille (France) in 2013, which was the European Capital of Culture. Design of a hexagonal structure only made by reused or… Continuar leyendo

Paper Snake | Kengu Kuma


In 2005 Kengo Kuma and Associates designed the “Paper Snake”, a pavilion made of 40mm thick Paper-Core Honeycomb in Anyang, South Korea. A habitable sculpture with a flexible and durable structure creates a… Continuar leyendo