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Cardboard City, Hong Kong || Ciudad de Cartón, Hong Kong


We’ve found this amazing cardboard city surfing on the internet. Made by students in Hong Kong, this project was able to create interactive and beatifull public space reusing cardboard pieces. If you have… Continuar leyendo

Bamboo Micro Housing | Hong Kong


The Bamboo Micro Housing designed by Affect-t for the Hong Kong/ Shenzhen Biennale of 2013 is a form of transitional housing. The lack of available housing in Hong Kong is asking for temporary… Continuar leyendo

Rising Moon | Daydreamers


Nombre del Proyecto: Rising Moon (Luna Creciente) Autor: El estudio Daydreamers Año: 2013 Ubicación: Hong Kong Material Revalorizado: botellas de plástico Sitio Web:  https://www.facebook.com/lanternwonderland2013 Name of the Project: Rising Moon Author: The studio… Continuar leyendo