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Biblioteca al aire libre | Open Air Library / KARO Architekten


  Nombre del Proyecto: Biblioteca al aire libre  Autor: KARO Architecten / Antje Heuer, Stefan Rettich, Bert Hafermalz, Leipzig Architektur+Netzwerk, Sabine Eling-Saalmann, Magdeburg Año: 2009 Ubicación:  Magdeburg, Alemania Material Revalorizado: cajas de cerveza (en… Continuar leyendo

Pallet – Module – Building. Do you also love pallets? Watch: | Pallet – Módulo – Edificio. También adoras los pallets? Observa |Andrea Weigt


Author: Andrea Weigt. TU Berlin, Architecture student. Supervisor: Renato D’Alençon, Habitat Unit – Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Rückert, Tragwerksentwurf. The opening question of this project was the design of a module system for temporary to interim… Continuar leyendo

Story Tower |Latvia


“This summer, RTU International Architecture Summer School students led by architects/tutors Theodore Molloy, Niklavs Paegle and Thomas Randall-Page built The Story Tower in Cēsis, Latvia. The semi-permanent structure – designed to stand until the local… Continuar leyendo