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Biblioteca al aire libre | Open Air Library / KARO Architekten


  Nombre del Proyecto: Biblioteca al aire libre  Autor: KARO Architecten / Antje Heuer, Stefan Rettich, Bert Hafermalz, Leipzig Architektur+Netzwerk, Sabine Eling-Saalmann, Magdeburg Año: 2009 Ubicación:  Magdeburg, Alemania Material Revalorizado: cajas de cerveza (en… Continuar leyendo

Story Tower |Latvia


“This summer, RTU International Architecture Summer School students led by architects/tutors Theodore Molloy, Niklavs Paegle and Thomas Randall-Page built The Story Tower in Cēsis, Latvia. The semi-permanent structure – designed to stand until the local… Continuar leyendo

Book Cell | Matej Kren


In 2006 the artist Matej Kren created the Book Cell for an exhibition in the Centro de Arte Moderna in Lisbon, Portugal. She describes the concept in beautiful words: “(…) To create an… Continuar leyendo