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Woven Sky | Cielo Tejido | Cave Urban


The Taiwanese artist Wang Wen-Chih made this massive installation served as the entrance to the Woodfork Folk Festival in Australia in 2013. In Cooperation with the Architecture and Design Office Cave Urban, they… Continuar leyendo

Tejida de Luz | Brazil


The architect Ivan Juarez from x-studio designed the Tejido de Luz on the Island of Itaparica, Brazil in 2012. A traditional and natural raw material from the coconut trees is used for this… Continuar leyendo

CIDADA | Marco Casagrande


Cidada is a project by Marco Casagrande in a highly industrialized area of Taipei, China. This bamboo structure is placed in the middle of a park between roads and highways. It’s a kind… Continuar leyendo